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The best way to avoid fraud while selling your product on any Classified Ads Portal is to meet the buyer in person, let him evaluate the product and accept payment upfront. The payment can be in cash or online. If you’re shipping your product out of your city/state, please ask for payment before you ship your product. However, this type of deal will generally fall through because neither you can trust the buyer nor the buyer would trust you.

So, the best practice is to do deal face-to-face.

General Tips

  • No money in advance ! A request for payment in advance generally always turns out to be attempted fraud. Never transfer money in advance ! This applies to both cash transfer payments and bank transfers. In both cases it is possible to cash the money with a false ID, and you have no recourse for getting your money back! You are taking a large risk with this type of transaction as you do not know the recipient.
  • Paperwork sent by electronic means can be easily forged and does not offer any guarantee about the identity of the person selling the vehicle or that the documents are valid proof of ownership of a vehicle.
  • As a seller, take precautions against fraud. Sellers are often paid by cheque for a vehicle transaction, which turns out to not have sufficient funds. We strongly advise you not to accept cheques as a means of payment !

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